Conflitti. L’impatto distruttivo delle armi considerate piccole nella “Nato Review”

08 Giugno 211

Fonte: NATO


Rivista NATO: piccole armi, grande potere distruttivo


Small arms, big impact
  Paul KING
What connects accidental explosions in cities and villages, a criminal underground racket and a source of potential terrorism? The answer is small arms and light weapons. In this edition, we look at how 200 million of them around the world affect people and societies – and how the international community is responding.
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Small arms: the real weapons of mass destruction?
NATO’s Chuck Parker saw the impact of light weapons first hand when serving in Vietnam. Today, he is one of the people trying to prevent the same misuse and mishandling of the weapons that continues today.


Photostory: the struggle against small arms in pictures
Why is action on small arms so important? In this photostory, the facts and figures about the spread, effects and dangers of small arms is set out


10 years of action on small arms: where are we now?
The 2001 UN Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons (PoA) will celebrate its tenth anniversary in the summer of 2011. Sarah Parker asks: what difference has it really made?


Small arms: Thousands destroyed, millions remain
David Towndrow and Fred Peugeot of NATO´s agency dealing with the dangers of small arms and light weapons outline progress so far and challenges ahead


Limit arms exports to reduce violence against women
The availability of small arms increases sexual violence against women, so international action is needed, argues Rebecca Gerome


Dangerous stockpiles: unplanned explosions´ high costs
Over 50 incidents of unplanned explosions at munitions depots in 34 countries since 2009 is not a case of bad luck, argue Eric Berman, Pilar Reina and Pierre Gobinet


How to keep ammunition out of the hands of terrorists
Gillian Goh and Christopher Clark of the UN explain how new guidelines could help put small arms and ammunitions further from the reach of terror groups