NATO – Russia. Importanti progressi per identificare esplosivo nascosto nei corpi

31 Ottobre 2013

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Si potranno sventare attentati terroristici con esseri viventi che hanno nel loro corpo dell’esplosivo nascosto




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Bombing commuters just got harder – NATO/Russia unveil new technology



It is a world first: technology developed by NATO and Russian scientists was able to pinpoint a suspect and detect explosives concealed on their body. This was achieved in real time during live tests in an undisclosed underground station in a major European city. The Stand-off Detection of Explosives Programme, known as STANDEX, could help prevent terrorist attacks such as those carried out on the London, Madrid and Moscow public transport systems.
NATOChannel cameras were given exclusive access to the tests, which show the technology in action and the views of some of the NATO and Russian experts involved in the programme. To view this video, please click the link below:
More information:
For the full story, please see the feature Detecting suicide attacks – from research to reality
For the STANDEX technology in pictures, please see How can suicide bombers in mass transit systems be detected in real time?



NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO and Ukraine navy together in the fight against piracy
28 Oct. 2013
The Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, General Knud Bartels, travelled to the Gulf of Aden on 28-30 October 2013 to visit the Ukrainian Navy frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy deployed there as part of Operation Ocean Shield, NATO’s counter piracy mission. “Ukraine’s ability to plug in and out of NATO’s operations show the high level of interoperability the Alliance can achieve with its partners,” General Bartels said.
Statement by the NATO Secretary General on the Presidential Elections in Georgia
28 Oct. 2013
I congratulate the Georgian people on holding transparent and peaceful presidential elections in which fundamental freedoms of expression, movement, and assembly were respected. Through these elections, Georgia has passed yet another test of democracy, and has taken a concrete step towards meeting Euro-Atlantic standards. I encourage all political forces in the country to continue working together to achieve Georgia’s ambitious reform agenda.
Deputy Secretary General attends ballistic missile defence groundbreaking in Romania
28 Oct. 2013
NATO Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow on Monday (28 October 2013) participated in a groundbreaking ceremony of the missile defence facility at the Deveselu airbase in southern Romania. “This facility will be an important part of NATO’s overall missile defences in Europe,” said Ambassador Vershbow.
28 Oct. 2013
23 Oct. 2013
23 Oct. 2013
 Women, peace and security
NATO and its partners are taking concerted action to support implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325, which was adopted in October 2000. UNSCR 1325 recognizes the disproportionate impact that war and conflicts have on women and children, and highlights the fact that women have been historically left out of peace processes and stabilization efforts.
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