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15 Aprile 2014

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NATO sets the record straight on Russia’s accusations

11 Apr. 2014

To divert attention away from its aggression against Ukraine, Russia has leveled a series of accusations against NATO which are based on misrepresentations of the facts and ignore the sustained effort that NATO has put into building a partnership with Russia. NATO has now issued a comprehensive fact sheet, based on publicly available source documents, which sets the record straight. (Photo: NATO-Russia Council exercise “Vigilant Skies” 2013)

Visiting Bulgaria, NATO Secretary General describes accession of new members as historic success

11 Apr. 2014

The NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited Sofia on Friday (April 11) to congratulate Bulgaria on the tenth anniversary of its accession to the Alliance. After wide-ranging talks with President Rosen Plevneliev and Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski, Mr Fogh Rasmussen said “at this time, more than ever, we realise that Bulgaria is stronger within NATO. And NATO is stronger with Bulgaria. You are making a valuable contribution to security in the vital Black Sea region, the Western Balkans, and as far as Afghanistan. And Bulgaria’s membership of NATO has contributed to making our Open Door policy a success.”


NATO Review

NATO at 65: what it means to be a member 31 Mar. 2014 2014 is a year when NATO – and NATO members – have a lot to celebrate. Not just the 65th anniversary of the Alliance. Nor just the 15th, 10th and fifth anniversaries of members who joined since the end of the Cold War. But also cause to remember why those events were so momentous in those countries. In this edition of NATO Review, we look at some of the human stories of how we got here and what it has meant for both the elites and ordinary people. 
Can you see free? 31 Mar. 2014 What happened to freedom in those 65 years since NATO was established? And for those too young to remember, what kind of freedoms have been protected during this time? This brief music video shows some of the best and worst moments for freedom. 
Words of history 31 Mar. 2014 The day of NATO membership was a historic one for many countries who had spent decades deprived of freedom. Here we look at how their press and politicians commemorated or celebrated when the day of membership finally arrived. 
The day I changed colour 31 Mar. 2014 For some, March 12, 1999 was literally living the dream. Marcela Zelníčková of NATO Review was one of those people. Here she outlines what she felt and did as her country took the step from NATO membership hopeful to full member. 
15 years of flying ‘Mummy’s flag’ 31 Mar. 2014 Seeing your country’s flag flying outside NATO Headquarters is a badge of honour for some. It symbolises the long path to a more secure, more democratic country. For NATO’s Gabriella Lurwig-Gendarme, it is also a daily reminder that membership is not just for her generation – but also for the next. 
THE WEST, THE EAST, THE NATO 31 Mar. 2014 Being a young student when Poland joined NATO, Chris Piekoszewski didn’t have much of contrast to draw on with the previous regime. But he did notice that the move made a difference on a personal level – and broke down some of the tired divisions from yesterday. 
20 years on: Manfred Wӧrner’s impact as NATO Secretary General 31 Mar. 2014 The changes made by Manfred Wӧrner to the role of NATO Secretary General – from diplomatic consensus seeker to passionate advocate for action – were to have a lasting impact on the Alliance. Here, on the 20th anniversary of his death while in office, Ryan Hendrickson sets out some of the main reasons why Wӧrner deserves a special mention in NATO’s history. 
The defence industry – a changing game? 10 Dec. 2013 The defence industry has a new area it needs to defend – itself. With budgets low or falling in many places, with several new entrants into the market, and with a whole new array of non-traditional threats to guard against, ‘business as usual’ in the defence industry is under attack on several fronts. Can the industry adapt to survive? NATO Review finds out. 
Football and changing defences 10 Dec. 2013 Football and the defence sector have a lot in common. For example, they both need a strong defence, potent attacks and a capable captain organising everything. NATO Review tries to show how recent changes in the defence industry would look if they were played out on the football pitch. 
What will be the biggest threats in the next 10 years? 10 Dec. 2013 Getting a new defence product to market takes up to 10 years. So what do industry leaders feel we should be worrying about now? We ask six senior company representatives to reveal where they see the biggest threats developing. 
Less money = less jobs for everyone? 10 Dec. 2013 How many million jobs depend on defence in NATO countries? And how many could be cut due to defence cuts? NATO Review looks at some of the figures illustrating the importance of the defence industry not for security, but for the economy. 
NATO and Industry: same goals, different languages? 10 Dec. 2013 Imagine being a shop owner and a group of 28 people walks in. How do you clarify one single order for everyone? This can be the challenge for both NATO and industry when dealing together. We ask industry leaders how they see the relationship, what can be done to improve it and how Smart Defence may make a difference. 

US and the EU: more protection than defence? 10 Dec. 2013 Defence companies from the EU and US have clear barriers between them. Though companies from either side of the Atlantic work together, this often despite their countries being Allies, not because of it. But new trade initiatives should bring the two major markets closer together. Could this improve defence collaboration – and benefit western countries and NATO? 
Smart Defence – in action 22 Oct. 2013 There’s been a lot of talk about Smart Defence. Talk about how it is needed to plug gaps, save money and adapt to the economic crisis. This edition of NATO Review aims to go beyond the talk – and show some action. Smart Defence in action – the savings it makes, the collaboration it brings and the mindsets it tackles – may be the best advert for more of the same. 
Helicopters – and why they’re important 15 Oct. 2013 Despite often being expensive, high maintenance and tricky to operate, armed forces know they need helicopters. Whether it’s getting troops in, or the wounded out, helicopters are often the ‘go to’ choice. NATO Review looks at nations’ ongoing need for helicopters – and how they’re making it easier to use them together. 
Modern defence: better smart than sexy? 15 Oct. 2013 A huge array of equipment that has flowed into Afghanistan over more than a decade must now leave in more or less 12 months. This means calling in some specialist kit to get the job done, including massive air transport planes. NATO Review looks at how several countries have worked together to share this kit, saving money and time. 

How to airlift armed forces 15 Oct. 2013 NATO is redeploying vast amounts of equipment from Afghanistan, some of it by air. This infographic shows how some countries have used the Ruslan plane to help – and why it is so important. 

Smart defence – projects in the pipeline 15 Oct. 2013 What’s the next activity we can expect from Smart Defence? What difference will real projects make? Here we outline eight projects which are coming online soon and highlight the potential benefits. 
Security snapshots 09 Aug. 2013 In this edition of NATO Review, we’ve tried to offer the best of both worlds: expert analysis on a wide range of security areas delivered concisely. While we usually pick a single subject and drill down, this time we’re looking at a wide range of areas and getting a quick ‘elevator pitch’ from various experts on how they see it. 
NATO at 65: what it means to be a member31 Mar. 2014 2014 is a year when NATO – and NATO members – have a lot to celebrate. Not just the 65th anniversary of the Alliance. Nor just the 15th, 10th and fifth anniversaries of members who joined since the end of the Cold War. But also cause to remember why those events were so momentous in those countries. In this edition of NATO Review, we look at some of the human stories of how we got here and what it has meant for both the elites and ordinary people. 

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